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Compact Palletizer

Basic Description

The R-2000iB/100H is FANUC Robotics' latest-generation palletizing industrial robot. The unit is engineered for precision high-speed/high-payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability supported by our extensive service and parts network. The R-2000iB/100H is a five-axis, electric servo-driven robot designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and palletizing system processes.

R-2000iB/100H, the

Solution for:

• Case paalletizing

• Bag palletizing

• Depalletizing

• General industrial applications

• Material handling

• High performance motion yields fast cycle times and high throughputs of 20 cycles/min. case . palletizing and 22-24 cycles/min. bag palletizing at 100kg. .

• Large allowable wrist loads easily accommodate 100 Ib bag palletizing and multi-case palletizing.

• Superior wrist speeds optimized for demanding palletizing requirements such as interlocking patterns.

• Builds 81" high unit loads on a standard 40" x 48" pallet (other pallet sizes and load heights possible). .

• Compact dimensions are optimal where ceiling clearance is limited or floorspace is at a premium - perfect for single-infeed/singleoutfeed system configurations!

• Small operating interference radius enables compact workcells by allowing tight placement of pallets and conveyors.

• Optional harsh environment package is ideal for heavy dust (non-explosive) environments.

• Proven, reliable FANUC servo technology provides highest uptime and productivity from the world leader in industrial servo controls.

• Easy, fast product setup and changeover enabled by user friendly graphical interface - no robot programming required!






• 100-120 kg payload capacity for real world tooling designs and product weights.

• Slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals and allow operation in confined spaces.

• Many process attachment points make integration of end-of-arm tooling and supporting controls easier.

• Non-rotating forearm simplifies hose and cable dress-out to prolong service life.

• Standard built-in pneumatic and electrical utilities for end-of-arm tooling design, integration and communications (8 digital inputs/outputs, 2-10 mm internal air lines),

• Shares motion range, reach, and all spare parts with FANUC Robotics industry-leading R2000iB/165F.

• Rugged, hardened design for . continuous "24/ 7 / 365" operation.


• 40 axes control capability can be used to operate servo-actuated robot tooling, turn tables, collators, precision conveyors and other system peripherals in addition to the robot.

• Fast MTTR including quick change amplifier <5 minutes.

• Fast boot time <30 seconds means robot is "production ready" quickly at startup.

• Two standard Ethernet ports provide simultaneous system communication and network communication.

• External USB interface and internal PCMCIA slot accommodate PC-industry standard storage media for easy backup and recovery.

• Easy connections to a variety of I/O, including a number of distributed I/O networks, allow easy connection and communication to most plant equipment.

• Includes the iPendant™, a color, Internet-ready teach pendant for even easier programming and operator intuition, enabling customized user interface design.

• Built-in support for machine vision applications for bag/box location, visual depalletizing, error proofing and robot guidance, without the need for a PC.