Paint Mate

Basic Description

FANUC Robotics' Paint Mate robot is a compact, electric servo-driven paint  robot with best-in-class performance designed for operation in a hazardous environment. Based on the highly-acclaimed LR Mate" series, this robot's envelopes, speed, and dexterity are a perfect fit for coatings and hazardous duty applications. The Paint Mate can be used for small parts painting or a material saving alternative to multiple fixed guns.

Paint Mate, the Solution for:



Assembly and Handling in

Material removal where hazardous cooling chemicals are present



iPendant, a color, Internet ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.

Optional one or four pneumatic three-way solenoid valves located in the purge cavity for gun triggering capability.

Floor, invert, angle and wall mounting permits versatility for robot location and allows for minimal spray booth size.

Absolute serial encoders eliminate the need for calibration at power-up.

Standard FANUC Robotics purge control.

Approved for use in hazardous locations; see specifications for details.

FM: Flex field and rigid conduit ATEX: ROX

Tabletop size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces

Extremely fast acceleration and deceleration motion results in faster cycle times.

Control Reliable Safety Circuit                                      (RIA 1506.1999 compliant)

Reliability and Maintenance Advantages

The latest generation of a proven design

Sealed bearings and brushless AC motors

Purged and pressurized cavities

Designed for painting environment


Two standard software applications are available:

HandlinqTool tm allows for the setup, programming, and operation for basic and custom applications. Built-in macro functions including paint application plug-in routines and menu-driven programming tools allow users to create, test, and run robot application programs with minimal training and program assistance.

PainfTool tm software with optional configurations for stand alone or multi robot systems with built-in paint function controls:

- Analog parameter control

- Color change controll

- "Cancel/Continue"

- Integral 2K variable ratio Pump Control

- ACCUFLOW tm  closed-loop fluid control.

- LLine tracking

- Collision detection

- KAREL programming language

Process control hardware must be added separately.

LR Mate'" ; and iRVision''" are registered trademarks of FANUC