Basic Description
The M-430zA is a revolutionary design optimized for high-speed, sustained picking and packing. To meet the needs of the food industry, the M-430zA was designed not only for secondary food handling, but even primary food handling.
The M-430zA is a five-axis, articulated, electric servo-driven robot. It is supported by the intelligent robot control system and can work with FANUC~s high-speed visual tracking. The robot offers flexibility in mounting, including floor, wall and invert configurations.
M-430iA, the Solution for:
• High-speed picking • High-speed packing







Typical Products
• Food • Beverages • Candy/sweets • Medical supplies • Cosmetics • Household products • Office supplies • Other consumer products Benefits • Can withstand food wash-down. • Manufactured with food-grade grease, and USDA-certifiable parts.
• Ability to withstand acidic and alkaline food industry cleaners used in daily washdown operations.
• Clean design and smooth surface finish with no food particle retention areas to resist bacteria growth and rust.
• Hollow arm to avoid air line and electric cable exposure.
• IP67 rating for the entire robot.
• Capable of working with primary (unpackaged) and secondary (packaged) food products.
• No grease used in wrist axis unit.
• Compact construction, slim arm, and can be mounted in a variety of positions including floor, wall or invert, which maximizes flexibility for tight workspaces.
• Best speed in class at higher payloads (100 cycles/minute at 2 kg).
• Best-in-class wrist moment specifications
• Intelligent robot controller adds iRVision™ (Integrated Robot Vision) capability without need to use an external PC.
• FANUC's iRVision Option for Visual Line Tracking provides an integrated vision based solution for locating randomly-oriented product on a moving line for robotic picking and packing operations.
• 5 axes motion, 2 kg capacity.
• 120 cycles/minute at 1 kg; 100 cycles/minute at 2 kg.
• Large work envelope with 1130 mm reach developed around picking applications.
• Repeatability of ±O.5 mm at tull speed and full payload within entire work envelope.
• Dedicated pneu matic and electrical connections at wrist to simplify user's end-ot-arm tooling design and integration.
• iPendant™, a color, Internetready
teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.
• Utilizes proven, reliable FANUC servo motors providing the greatest uptime and productivity.
• Various robot connection cable lengths are available for flexible cable placement.
• Line tracking.
• Visual line tracking.
• Supports industry-leading software package for multiple robot setup (picking application, simulation and operations software).
• FANUC's iRVision system delivers high performance 2-D and 3-D machine vision capabilities with FANUC reliability. Additional option for Error Proofing can provide integrated vision based capabilities to check for product completeness before product is packaged or further operations are performed