Basic Description
The M-420iA series is FANUC Robotics' latest-generation, highperformance,
high-speed family of industrial robots. Based on a simple and reliable design, the M-420iA and M-421 iA provide sophisticated motion control and consistent performance with high productivity. The series is supported by the intelligent robot control system.
The M-420iA is a four-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven robot designed for high-speed case packing and material handling applications. The M-421 iA is a twoaxis variant designed for the highspeed top-loading packing market.

M-420iA/M-421iA, the Solution for:
• High-speed packaging • High-speed palletizing • Machine loading • Mechanical assembly


• Features highest motion speeds in its class for maximum . performance and productivity.
• Highest payload in its class helps achieve maximum throughput by handling multiple parts.
• Four-axis dexterity enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.
• Additional auxiliary amplifiers available in the robot controller offer ability to control complete high-speed packaging line with robot controller.
• FANUC's iRVision™ (Integrated Robot Vision) Option for Visual Line Tracking provides an integrated vision based solution for locating randomly-oriented product on a moving line for robotic picking and packing operations.
• M-420iA -4 axes of motion, 40 kg capacity.
• M-421 iA -2 axes of motion, 50 kg capacity. Waist and wrist rotation removed from four-axis unit.
• iPendant™, a color, Internetready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.
• Large work envelope with 1855 mm horizontal reach developed around packaging applications.
• Repeatability of +/-0.5 mm at full speed and full payload within entire work envelope.
• Linear motion speeds up to 4200 mm/sec.
• Dedicated pneumatic and electrical (8 digital inputs/8 digital outputs) connections at wrist to' simplify user's end-of-arm tooling design and integration.
• Material handling style teach pendant with large LCD screen and ergonomic design offers intuitive control over automated process.
• Sealed bearings and brushless AC motor drives provide protection and improve reliability.
• M-420iA high-speed wrist option, J4 wrist speed increases from 350 to 720 degrees/sec. for applications that require highspeed wrist motions. Maximum payload decreases from 40 kg to 30 kg.
• iPendant is also available with touch screen support.
• Various robot connection cable lengths for flexible cabinet placement and optional track rated cables.
• A cleanable unit coated with white polyurethane to meet requirements in typical secondary food packaging applications.
• Monochrome pendant available.
• FANUC's iRVision system delivers high performance 2-D and 3-D machine vision capabilities with FANUC reliability. Additional option for Error Proofing can provide integrated vision based capabilities to check for product completeness before product is packaged or further operations are performed