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M-20iA Series

Basic Description

The evolutionary design of the M-20iA solves two of the oldest problems for industrial robots. The first issue is the time it takes to engineer the robot dress out and the second is the down-time caused when the dress out is disrupted by contact with plant equipment. The innovative M-20iA solves these issues with a hollow upper arm and wrist. This unique design permits the utilities to be neatly contained within the arm, eliminating dress out issues like snagging, tearing and rubbing. A shelf with ample space on the back of the upper arm completes the package by allowing peripheral equipment to be easily mounted. The hollow arm and wrist together with the shelf greatly simplifies the integration engineers job. To complement the built-in vision, the M-20iA has an integrated vision cable from the J1 base to J3 interface panel. This makes the addition of vision to the robot application much easier. This design is also a great benefit for offline simulations because the dress out and control boxes can all be designed to fit with in the confined space of the robot arm and eliminates the guess work of dress out interference. This exceptional design comes with out sacrificing any of the robot’s performance specifications. In fact this robot is an industry leader in payload, reach and axes speed. Add this to the industry leader in reliability and this robot is the perfect solution for your robotic application.

M-20iA Series, the solution for:

  •  Assembly

  •  Dispensing

  •  Material handling

  •  Machine load/unload

  •  Material removal

  •  Waterjet cutting

  •  Laser cutting

  •  Machine tending

  •  Picking and packing

  •  Testing and sampling





















Features & Benefits

  •  6 degrees of freedom

  •  ± 0.10 mm repeatability

  •  20 kg payload at wrist

  •  Large wrist moments and inertias for real-world EOATs and workpieces

  •  Supplementary payload mount on J3 casting

  •  Pneumatic and electrical (8 DI/8 DO) connections for EOAT on J3

  •  2D vision cables from J1 to J3 as a standard option

  •  Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces

  •  Robot can be floor, angle, wall or ceiling mounted

  •  High joint speeds maximize throughput

  •  Absolute encoder positioning eliminates homing at power-up

  •  Intelligent color graphic teach pendant is network ready

  •  Built-in Solution Arm, 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm


  •  RV reducer and gear drivetrains provide rigidity and performance in a compact package

  •  Sealed bearings and brushless, maintenance-free AC motors provide protection and improve reliability

  • Note: iRVision® is a registered Tademark of FANUC LTD.

• Largest work envelope and load capacity in its class allows robot operation in a wide range of high-speed, medium-payload manufacturing processes.
• No robot modification required for upright, inverted, angle and wall mounting.
• Unique hollow RV speed reducers simplify cable routing.
• Small footprint facilitates placement in tight surroundings.
• Low arm mass and rigid design allow high-speed, precise positioning.
• Dedicated pneumatic and electrical connections on J3 axis.
• Material handling style teach pendant with large LCD screen and ergonomic design offers intuitive control over the process.
• Fail-safe brakes on all axes increase safety, functionality and control.
• iPendant™, a color, Internet-ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.
• Repeatability of ± 0.08 mm at full speed and full payload within entire work envelope.
• 20 kg' payload capacity.
• "Double-jointed" arm increases work envelope and positioning flexibility.
• Absolute serial encoders eliminate the need for calibration at power~up.
Reliability Features
• Sealed bearings and drives, and brushless AC motors minimize maintenance.
• Grease fittings on all lubrication points for quick and easy maintenance.
• Uses directly-coupled drives, which are more reliable than belts, pulleys or chains.
• All motors, cables and tooling services are engineered to prevent snagging and damage from chips, sprays and other hazards.
• Dust and water resistant design maximizes durability.
• Quick disconnect robot connecting cables.
• iPendant is also available with touch screen support.
• 3600 Axis 1 base rotation.
• FoundryPRO® protection package for harsh environment applications (standard M-16iB wrist is rated IP67 to withstand temporary immersion in liquids).
• Auxiliary axis packages for integration into part positioners.
• Various robot connection cable lengths for flexible cabinet placement and optional track rated cables.
• Monochrome pendant available.
• iRVision™ (Integrated Robot Vision) system delivers highperformace
2-D and 3-D machine vision capabilities with FANUC reliability.
Note: FoundryPRO is a registered trademark of FANUC LTD.