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M-2000iATM Series

Basic Description

FANUC Robotics' M-2000iA series robot is engineered for applications which cannot be handled by traditional robots due to work piece size or distances they must be moved. The world's leading supplier of robots has now greatly expanded robot applications with the M-2000iA series. The M-2000iA series is the world's largest and strongest six-axis, modular construction, electriservo driven family of robots designed for a variety of manufacturing and systems processes.

M-2000iA Series, the

Solution for:


Material handling

Machine tool loadl unload

Large fabrication handling

Large sheet or panel handling

Glass handling

Casting Operations





Note: iRVision is a registered trademark



World's highest payload capacity of 1200 kg on the M- 2000iA/1200 provides superior lifting capability

World's longest vertical stroke, on the M-2000iA/900L, enables users to lift and transfer large parts more than 6.2 meters

World's longest horizontal stroke, on the M-2000iA/900L, enables users to transfer large parts more than 8.2 meters

World's strongest wrist axes, with "Best-in-Class" moments and inertia, meet a variety of super heavy handling challenges

Highly rigid construction provides stable transfer of super-heavy parts.

Superior reliability compared to fixed (hard) automation



6 axes of motion provides superior dexterity compared to fixed automation and linear gantries

Dual-motor drives on axes 2 and 3 provide increased duty cycle for loading and unloading.

No motors at the wrist axes keeps them isolated from hot, wet or dirty environments.

IP67 rated wrist allows wrist to handle parts in wet environments.


Built-in support for machine vision applications for robot guidance and error proofing, without the need for a PC

Dual-Check Safety (DCS) function achieves the highest level of safety for E-Stop and Fence Stop

DCS supports safety monitoring of robot position and speed

Easy connections to a variety of 1/0, including a number of distributed I/O networks

iPendant TM, a color, Internet-ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design