Basic Description
FANUC Robotics' M-16iB/T series of overhead rail-mounted robots is part of the Toploader family of six-axis, nlodular construction, electric servo-driven articulated gantry robots designed for material handling and machine tending. The M-16iBIT robots also have the ability to perform value-added post-processing operations. The robots are engineered for precision, high-speed operation, user-friendly setup and maximum reliability, supported by our extensive service and parts network. The M-16iB/20T and M-16iB/1 OLT robots are ideal for light to medium material handling challenges.
M16iB/T Series, the Solution for:
Material handling Machine tool tending and post-process operations
Injection mold machine extraction and post-process operations Die spray
Dispensing Palletizing/Depalletizing


Improves machine productivity by as much as 30 percent.
Reduces capital and maintenance costs by allowing simple devices to replace complex material handling peripherals.
Minimizes installation time and startup expense through easy installation alignment.
Maximizes uptime through superior fault tolerance, quick error recovery and proven FANUC reliability.
Services multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines.
Balances asynchronous processes by rnaintaining in-process part buffers.
Performs value-added processing operations such as gauging, deburring, deflashing and labeling, in addition to basic material handling tasks.
Adapts easily to existing plant layouts.
Mechanical Features
iPendant, a color, Internet-ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.
Modular rails can be attached to free-standing support legs with variable height attachment or to the fixed platen of an injection mold or die machine.
Reduces floor space and ceiling height requirements (compared to linear/area gantry robots).
Based on proven reliable, standard FANUC Robotics products (M-16iB & M-16iLB).
Uses standard FANUC R-J3iB controller and software.
6 axes of motion.
10 kg payload (M-16iB/1 OLT).
20 kg payload (M-16iB/20T).
Two configurations available to maximize either vertical stroke (sideslung) or symmetrical work envelope (underslung).
Standard rail travel lengths from
2.4 m to 32 m. Non-standard lengths also available.
Seven families of standard support columns provide elevation options from 1.8 m to 4.6 m (measured from J2 centerline). Adjustable clamp collar provides on-site elevation adjustment.
+/-0.15 mm rail repeatability. +/-0.10 mm robot repeatability.
Fail-safe brakes on all 6 axes.
Brushless AC servo motors minimize motor maintenance.
Robust rack and pinion rail drive.
iPendant is also available with touch screen support.
Severe Dust and Liquid Protection (SDLP) option for harsh industrial environments.
Dual arms on a single rail.
Dual arm software allows two identical robot arms to share a single CPU to handle large/ heavy parts.
Monochrome pendant available