M-10iA Series (Click for pdf)

The M-10iA is FANUC Robotics' latest-generation, six-axis, high performance industrial robot. This small but mighty robot only weighs 130 kg but provides 10 kg payload with the highest wrist moments and inertia in its class. Dress-out and routing of cables and airlines have been greatly simplified with a 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm, helping to reduce system cost and improving reliability. The M-10iA can be floor or wall mounted at any angle, or ceiling mounted. J3 can also flip over allowing the robot to  work behind itself creating a very large work envelope. Along with FANUC's integrated vision package in the controller called iRvisionฎ, the M-10iA comes vision ready with a 2D vision cable integrated though the robot arm as a standard option. The M-10iA has the highest axis speeds and the best repeatability in its class, making for an extremely fast and highly repeatable robot.

The M-10iA is setting the industry standard for small robots and is the perfect solution for your application.

Mท10iA Series, the Solution for:

• Machine tending

• Material handling

• Assembly

• Picking and packing

• Material removal

• Testing and sampling

• Dispensing






Features and Benefits

• 6 degrees of freedom

• ฑ0.08 mm repeatability

• 10 kg payload at wrist

• Large wrist moments and inertias for real-world EOATs and work pieces

• Supplementary payload mount on J3 casting

• Pneumatic and electrical (8 01/8 DO) connections for EOAT on J3

• 20 vision cables from J1 to J3 as a standard option

• Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces

• Robot can be floor, angle, wall or ceiling mounted

• High joint speeds maximize throughput

• Absolute encoder positioning eliminates homing at power-up

• Intelligent color graphic teach pendant is network ready

• Built-in Solution Arm, 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm Reliability

• RV reducer, gear and harmonic drive trains provide rigidity and performance in a compact package

• Sealed bearings and brushless, maintenance-free AC motors provide protection and improve reliability

Robot and Controller Options

• M-10iA/6L variant available for applications that require greater reach

• iRVision for guidance and inspection

• Up to 40 axes (robot + auxiliary) on same controller

• Extended communications capabilities: FTP, DeviceNet, Profibus, Genius, FANUC Model A I/O rack, CC-Link, etc.

• Linear or circular conveyor tracking

• Many unique robot and application-driven software options available

Note: iRVisionฎ is a registered trademark of FANUC LTD.