Basic Description
The new LR Mate 200iC Series is FANUC Robotics' next generation, electric servo-driven mini-robot series offering best-in-c1ass performance in a light, efficient, accurate and nimble (LEAN) package. The new LR Mate 200iC's tabletop size, slimmer arm profile, lighter weight, highest dexterity, faster sustained speed and superior positioning accuracies make it the perfect solution for countless industrial and commercial applications. LR Mate 200iC, the Solution for:


• Machine tending
• Material handling
• Assembly
• Picking and packing
• Part washing
• Material removal
• Dispensing
• Testing and sampling
• Education and entertainment
Features and Benefits
• S or 6 degrees of freedom
• ฑ0.02 mm (200iC & 200iC/SH) and
ฑ0.03 mm (200iC/SL)repeatability
at full payload and full speed within
entire robot work envelope
• Up to S kg payload at wrist
• Best-In-class wrist moment and
inertias for real-world EOATs and
• Pneumatic and electrical (6 RDI)
connections for EOAT conveniently
located on J4
• Two, double-acting solenoid valves
integrated in forearm simplify EOAT
dressout (no built-in valves on
200iC/SH SCARA Eliminator model)
• Highest joint speeds maximize
• Tabletop size, slim wrist, and small
footprint permit operation in tight
work spaces.

• Robot can flip over backwards for
a larger work envelope



• Enclosed mechanical design
eliminates cables and hose
• Upright, angle, wall or invert
mounting increases installation
• Higher rigidity and the most advanced
servo technology enable smooth
motion without vibration in high
speed operation
• Advanced communication capabilities
via standard Ethernet and serial
• Integrated PMC provides ladder-logic
control for peripheral devices
• Lighter and more compact than its
• The arm profile cross-section area
is 42% smaller than the previous
generation LR Mate 200iB
• Same footprint and wrist bolt pattern
as previous generation for easy
Robot Reliability
• The latest generation of a proven
• Sealed bearings and brushless
AC motors
• Standard "C" size batteries for
encoder backup
• Grease fittings on all lubrication points
for quick and easy preventive
Robot and Controller Options
• 110 VAC single phase input voltage
• 360-degree J1 axis rotation
• Fail-safe mechanical brakes on
all joints
• Available R-30iA Mate rack mount
compact controller fits in standard 19"
electronics rack and is ideal for climate
controlled applications such as food,
lab, pharmaceutical, medical and
• iPendant™, a color, Internet-ready
teach pendant for even easier
programming and custom cell
user interface design
• Extended networked I/O capabilities:
I/O Link, DeviceNet, Profibus
• Supports a variety of intelligent
functions including iRVisionฎ
(built-in vision-ready controller)
and force sensing
• Available IP67 rating for the entire
robot allows it to withstand harsh
• 7 m or 14 m controller-to-robot
connection cables
Unique Software Options
• Patented real-time singularity
• Collision protection
• Internet connectivity
• KARELฎ programming language
• Many more software solutions for
control, communication, and motion
Note: LR Mateฎ and iRVisionฎ are
registered trademarks of FANUC LTD