Basic Description
The F-200iB is a six degrees of
freedom servo-driven parallel link
robot designed for use in a variety
of manufacturing and automotive
assembly processes. The F-200iB
is engineered for applications
requiring extreme rigidity and
exceptional repeatability in a
compact, powerful package.
F-200iB, the Solution for:
■ Sub-compact robot welding
■ Pedestal welding
■ Part loading/positioning
■ Nut running
■ Vehicle lift and locate
■ Flexible/convertible fixturing
■ Material Removal
■ Dispense
■ Provides flexibility and
convertability – the ability to
reprogram the F-200iB
facilitates rapid and costeffective
model changeovers.




■ Reduces capital expense – F-200iB process solutions take less time and money to process and design. They also reduce tooling and build costs.

■ Lowers operating expense – using the F-200iB reduces tooling complexity, resulting in less maintenance and down time.
■ Optimizes use of floorspace – the sub-compact F-200iB can fit in  spaces too cramped for serial link robots.

■ Makes it feasible to perform
more welds per station, thus reducing the number of stations per system.
■ New process possibilities – the F-200iB opens the door to new process solutions not available with current tools.

■ Provides additional options for line balancing. ■ Easy and quick to set up, tune-in and debug – F-200iB uses the same software as other FANUC robots.

■ No special electrical or mechanical training needed – basics are the same as any other robot.

■ Standardized system requires less retraining at changeover.

■ Compact size adds application versatility. Features
■ Six degrees of freedom


■ Simple, robust, low maintenance  design
■ Electric AC servo motors

■ Precision gear drives

■ Fail-safe brake on each leg

■ Components protected from weld flash,

■ Spare part requirements minimized by commonality of design; six identical actuators

■ ISO faceplate

■ 31,000 hour life at 100% duty cycle
■ R-J3iB Controller

■ Common controller components with other FANUC robot controllers

■ Easy connection to built-in digital I/O
■ F-200iB is supported on the following “Tool” packages
– SpotTool Plus
– DispenseTool
– HandlingTool
– PaintTool
■ Harsh environment skirting 

■ Insulated Faceplate